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CashU Prepaid Card
The CashU prepaid card can be used to recharge the CashU account. Egolder store now offers CashU recharging service for CashU users. Customer can buy CashU recharging service via Western Union, Liberty Reserve, WebMoney, etc. Currently we don’t accept buy CashU prepaid card online with PayPal because of security reason. Please be aware of this point. Due to provision reason, currently we don’t deliver physical CashU prepaid card or virtual PIN code. To get the CashU credits, please enter your CashU account number, which begins with the NO. 6, i.e. 6276 **** **** 1234, totally 16 digs, as well as your CashU account name, for example: Egolder. Please enter the above information on the checkout page box. Once the payment is confirmed, we will complete the transfer of CashU credits to your account in 24-48 hours.

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