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How to buy & redeem Ultimate Game Card--Egolder Store

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2012-07-15 20:43:08

The Ultimate Game Card allows users across the globe pre-paid access to more than 1,000 online games and virtual worlds, including Facebook and MySpace games. Ultimate Game card can be purchased in retail stores or online. After having the Ultimate Game Card, to redeem the PIN code is easy. Login the game sites and go to the checkout page, choose "PayByCash" and you will be redirected to PayByCash page, on which page you will see various payment options, such as PayPal, WestUnion etc. Choose "Ultimate Game Card" and copy paste the PIN code, click "add card" to redeem the voucher.  The entire balance of the PIN code will be added into the purchase. If there's extra balance left over the purchase, the credits will be converted into Ultimate points and deposit to buyer's Ultimate account. And buyer can choose to use the points for next purchase.    WWW.EGOLDER.COM

Where to buy Ultimate Game Card--EGolder Store

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2012-07-16 20:46:59

The Ultimate Game Card can be bought from both online and offline. Ultimate Game Card is available in many countries local stores, such as Seven' Eleven, Walmart etc. The cards in those stores are physical plastic card with different denominations. The PIN code is on the back of the card. You pay cash and get the code. Another way is to use the online stores that sell Ultimate Game Card. EGolder Store is one of this kind of store. EGolder Store is an authorized ultimate game card reseller that has signed agreement with UGC official. All the PIN codes are generated by the UGC official. Besides, customer can also has lots of payment options such as PayPal, Moneybookers, Liberty Reserve, Western Union and more. WWW.EGOLDER.COM

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