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What is CashU prepaid Card & how to use it?--EGolder Store

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2012-06-24 19:20:03

CashU prepaid card is the cash card issued by CashU official to recharge the cashu account.  CashU is one of the most reputable 3rd party payment solution provider in Middel East area, North America and other regions. Its official site is Every one can sign up and use it, without any age or country restrictions. To begin using CashU service, every payment customer have to recharge their account via CashU prepaid card firstly. The CashU prepaid card can be purchased via offline usually. The CashU card is indeed a group of numbers or letters. To use the CashU prepaid card, login the cashu payment account firstly and click "Add funds", choose the option-CashU prepaid cards and fill in the codes you get on the CashU prepaid card and click "confirm". If the code is valid and correct, the denomination valued credits will be added into the payment account.  After it, buyer can use his/her CashU payment account to make purchase via CashU online stores or CashU merchants.  Th

CashU prepaid card online delivery--EGolder Store

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2012-07-09 20:56:42

CashU prepaid card can now be purchased online in EGolder store. EGolder Store does not deliver physical  card by post but deliver the PIN code of CashU or transfer the credits directly to payer's CashU account direclty. Either of which is fine. The PIN code we deliver online is generated by CashU company which authorizes EGolder store to sell online. Please be aware that each CashU card price is higher than their denomination since we have transaction fee with CashU. The PIN code will be delivered to payer's email inbox, which is left on the order. Customer can also login their EGolder account and go to the order message section to check the lastest message from EGolder team. The delivery information will also be reflected there. Customer can also reply the messge straightly and the message will reach to our customer support team who will handle the message. Nowadays, we offer PayPal, Moneybookers(e-wallet, international credit card and local payment option), Liberty Reserve and wes

How to use CashU account to pay--EGolder Store

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2012-07-13 09:08:33

To all CashU prepaid card users,    Some customers feel puzzled how to use their CashU credits after purchasing CashU prepaid card from EGolder. Here we explain the details:    After purchasing the CashU prepaid card, we will have two ways to deliver the credit: either by deliver the prepaid card voucher PIN code or transfer the credits from our account to your account. No matter which way we use, buyer will see the CashU credits in their CashU account, which can be used to purchase online. Firstly customer need to confirm the merchant site from which they will place order accept CashU payment. Buyer can check it on the merchant site checkout page, if their is a CashU gateway logo, buyer can choose it and the page will be re-directed to the CashU payment page, on which buyer will be required to enter their CashU account information: account & password to make the payment. Then the order will be completed.

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