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Paysafecard Price Goes Down

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2015-04-23 21:04:54

     The PSC voucher has goes down already. After negotiating with our suppliers, we have got a good collecting price of PAYSAFECARD. We would like to share this with EGolder loyal customers. Now you can buy paysafecard online with PayPal with us by a lower pricer.      Attention! Recently you may find that there're some PSC sellers online which have lower price than us. For example, there's one store selling 50euro demonination vouchers by $40USD ONLY! The price is really attractive and unbelievable. After inverstiging the case, we find out that all these paysafecard vouchers are BLACK CARD, meaningi stolen, hacked or fake vouchers. Consequently, they are not 100% working! Your will lose your money after buying these kind of vouchers.. What's more you may also be kicked out from the merchant site since you tried to use fake vouchers!    All vouchers EGolder selling are from authorized resellers and work on all PSC merchant sites! You can feel free to order from us. If you ha

Ukash Service will be Suspended in 30th, June

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2015-05-27 21:27:26

To all Ukash customers,   Since Ukash has been acquisited by Skrill Group at the end of 2014, the Ukash service will be suspended in 30th June, 2015. After that, that's no way to get new Ukash vouchers. And all exsiting  unused Ukash vouchers must be redeemed before 31th October, 2015. Otherwise, the voucher will be deactivated. This means that after October, there'll be no Ukash top-up option on all Ukash merchants. Customer has to use other ways to deposit.       But please feel free about it. Here is our analysis result:     Skrill group has PaySafecard already and now Ukash. Usually where Ukash can use, PaySafeCard option will be available too.  Thus, please check with our merchant site whether they accept PaySafeCard too. If yes, please buy the PaySafeCard vouchers from our store.  If you are new to paysafecard, we advice you purchase one 10euro voucher firstly to test whether the voucher can be redeemed successfully on the merchant site. If positive, you can go ahea

Ukash Now is changing to PaySafeCard

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2015-06-04 21:38:55

Ukash now is on its way changing to PaySafeCard since it has been acquisited by Skrill Group, the owner of PaySafeCard. As a Ukash user, you may have seen this icon below when using Ukash to pay. Due to PaySafecard official notice: Ukash will only be available in Great Britain until 31/08/2015 and may only be used until 31/10/2015. What they are doing now is pursading the Ukash customers switching to PaySafeCard as soon as possible.  To be honest, Ukash is more flexiable than paysafecard. For example, it has less regional restrictions than paysafecard, which may cause vouchers locked easily.   EGolder will offer Ukash vouchers service until official suspends. Please feel free to BUY UKASH VOUCHER BY PAYPAL from EGolder.  One day the Ukash disappears, we will consist offering PAYSAFECARD Services as well.   We guarantee that all the vouchers we sell are officially generated, not hacked ones! If the voucher does not work, feel free to contact us and once we confirm the issue,

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