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  EGolder Store offers online game prepaid cards, cash vouchers and cash exchange services. The online prepaid cards includes but not limited to NEXON game card US & EU, gPotato prepaid card, Runescape monthly game cards, iTunes gift card US, Xbox Live Points, WOW US & EU time card/CD Key etc. The cash voucher includes but not limited to PaySafeCard, Ukash Voucher, Ultimate Game Card, One card etc. The cash exchange services includes but not limited to Cashu, webMoney, liberty reserve, Okpay, perfect money etc. The available products depend on our stock and sales strategy. We don’t guarantee all the products you order are in stock. The products out of stock are also allowed to make the purchase too. So please be aware of this point.

About Verification

All the orders received will have to go through our verification steps before we send out the item. This verification is normal for online business to prevent online fraud. You may be asked to answer some questions from us by email, phone call or to send some additional documents, etc. The verification mode varies to different orders, depending on order information. Thus, we highly recommend you to provide true information, including but not limited to address, phone number, name etc. False information may cause order cancellation & account block.

About Delivery

  All the successfully paid orders will be under our care. For first time customers, we may take some time to verify the transaction firstly before delivery. This process may take about 24-48 hours or even a bit longer, which depends on customers and order information and our order volume.

  For orders placed by returned customers, who have been verified, the order will be processed and get delivered in no more than 24 hours when stock is sufficient. If the order may be delayed because of stock reason, we will let customers know by system email. The buyer can choose to wait for our incoming delivery or ask for refund if they cannot wait.

  We only deliver the virtual digital codes to customer instead of physical card or even scanned card copies because of our supply chain reasons. But we guarantee all the prepaid cards and cash vouchers have been checked before delivery and all the codes or vouchers are in full balance and available for redemption. Thus, all claims of invalid voucher or used vouchers and ask for new vouchers from our stores will be rejected.

  Customers should redeem the codes or vouchers as soon as possible after they receive it from us. The best method is to redeem all the codes or vouchers in 24 hours.

About Payment Gateway

  The payment gateway varies due to customers’ regions. Please choose the available payment gateway that you can use. If there’re any payment restriction words on the item description, please do follow it. For example, the CashU exchange Liberty Reserve service restricts customers to pay by CashU ONLY. If buyer chooses PayPal or other payment gateway, even if he/she paid successfully, the order will be cancelled and refunded too.

About Refund

  If the order has to be refunded finally, we will issue the refund from our receipt account and let customers know by email notification. Please be aware that we don’t refund the transaction fee charged by the payment solution providers. We only refund the net payment we receive from customers. Thus, supposed you pay $100 originally, you might receive $98 refunded payment from us because the $2 was taken by the payment solution provider. The transaction fees various due to different 3rd party payment solution providers.

  By checking the box ”I agree to the terms of service and adhere to them unconditionally.” on the checkout page stands for you have read and agree this policy. EGolder store keeps the right to adjust any of the items above.

  All rights reserved.

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