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About EGolder:

  1. 1.       Q: Is EGolder Store legitimate? Can I trust your store?

A: Yes, we are. EGolder store is registered in Singapore and now have office in Shanghai, China. We obey both Singapore and China’s domestic laws. EGolder store never scammed, we take care of all the orders customer placed. Buyers either get their desired item delivery or get their money back if we cannot process it. If you have any questions about our delivery service, welcome to contact us.

  1. 2.       Q: Can I contact EGolder store via telephone or other instant messengers?

A: Currently customer can contact us by direct email or submit ticket online via “contact us” form. We don’t support telephone or instant messenger communication currently. But later there’ll be live chat support available for customer to reach our support.

About payments:

  1. 1.       Q: I cannot see your Western Union receipt information after I choose Western Union to pay and clicked “confirm order”. How can I find it?

A: Please contact us and we will send you the receipt information. After you send the money, please reply us with the information: MTCN, sender first name & last name, sender address, currency, exact amount and contact phone. After we confirm with WU agency and withdraw the payment, we will process your order as soon as possible.

  1. 2.       Q: Can I get a refund if I don’t want the item yet?

A: Sure! As long as your order has not been processed and delivered, we can issue the refund due to customer’s request. But if the item has been delivered to you, we don’t accept any refund request.

  1. 3.       Q: I want to use another payment gateway which is not listed on your checkout payment gateway options, can I?
    A: If so, we advise you contact us firstly. We try to offer more payment choices for customers but it could not be so quick to complete it. In the coming future, more payment choices will be available, such as WebMoney, Moneybookers, Okpay, Perfect Money, Paymate and mobile payment tools as well. Currently buyer can use PayPal, credit card, liberty reserve and western union to pay.

About discount:

  1. 1.       Q: Can I get discount or coupon code?

A: EGolder store usually offers various coupon codes on lots of online coupon sites. You can search EGolder coupon code by search engine and get it. Also, if the customer has purchased a lot from our store, we will be glad to grant him/her to be our VIP customer, which will make him/her enjoy discount for every order.

More FAQ will be added into this part due to customer inquiries. Thanks!

About delivery

  • 1.       Q: How to pick up the delivered item and where can I find it?

A: After order is verified, for customers who order prepaid cards or game cards, we will deliver the PIN codes in two ways. One by "order messages", which requires customer to sign up an account with EGolder to view all placed orders. By clicking the "details" listed in account page, rolling down the page, customer can check the messages sent by EGolder store to see the PIN codes. Another way is by email delivery. All the PIN codes will be delivered to customer's email inbox too. Customer can see it there. 

About Loyalty Points

  1. 1.       Q: What is "loyalty points"?

A: The "loyalty points" is something rewards for our loyal and reliable customers. Every successful purchase over $10 will generate loyalty points after the order status is changed to "delivered". Each $10 original payment will generate $0.2 loyalty points. The more successful orders, the more loyalty points.

  1. 2.       Q: Where can I see how many "loyalty points" I have got?

A: To check the "loyalty points" is simple. Firstly you should have signed up an EGolder account already. Login your account and click "my loyalty points" and you will see the total amount of "loyalty points" you have already.

  1. 3.       Q: How to use the "loyalty points"?

A: It's quite simple actually. There's an option in "my loyalty points" section, i.e. "Transform my points into a voucher of ***." Click it then your rewards points will be transferred into a discount coupon code, which you can use for your incoming purchase.

4. Q: Then how to redeem discount coupon generated by my "loyalty points"?

A: After adding the item into your cart, on the checkout page, there's an obvious section for you to fill-in your discount voucher. Add it and redeem it.

  1. 5.       Q: Any minimum purchase request for the "loyalty points" discount voucher?

A: No! For the discount coupon code generated from "loyalty points", there's no minimum purchase request currently. But for other promotion discount coupons sent proactively by EGolder Store, there'are usually minimum purchase request. Please be aware of this fact.


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